Gold Digger Trailer: Ben Barnes & Julia Ormond Star in New Miniseries

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Jemima, from Marylebone, London, has been teaching her year-old daughter Lily how to be a gold-digger for years. Her addiction to millionaires started in when she digger Digger, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur who lavished her gold gifts. However, when she and Patrick split six months later Jemima started dating a labourer.

Jemima and her sister set up a dating website aimed at gold-diggers and millionaires. “We created in and have more.

However, it’s something that I feel like I’m slowly starting to see a little bit more among friends or people a little older than me. It is slowly becoming more acceptable for women to live their lives more openly, and that includes dating younger men. This drama is told through the eyes of Julia Day Julia Ormond , a woman later on in her life, who feels very much alive. It’s interesting to have a protagonist who is a 60 year-old woman who is finally finding her voice, it feels like an appropriate and important story to be telling.

Jemima explains that she felt a personal connection to her character, Della Day. She’s in her early 30s, she’s basically single, she is a lesbian and it’s not necessarily that she struggles with her sexuality, but she struggles with her role in her family and how she feels they think and feel about her. She’s very lost and that is something a lot of people in their 20s and 30s feel.

Alex Jennings, Sebastian Armesto and Jemima Rooper join Gold Digger cast

Yet she has so far done this far away from record industry interference, acting independently and in control of her own destiny. That is until this moment. Despite her arguably nostalgic sound, Alice Jemima is very much a modern artist in her modus operandi; she has more akin to the the bedroom laptop producers that occupy much of the independent music scene right now, in both the efficiency and speed at which she creates and distributes her music on line.

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Their eyes meet as they study exhibits at the British Museum. They chat, he invites her for a drink and they bond in a nearby pub. He escorts her back to her plush London hotel and… well, you can guess the rest. The kind of lust-struck relationship that develops between Julia Day and Benjamin Greene has been played out many times on television, but in BBC1’s gripping new series Gold Digger it comes with a twist.

Gold Digger follows a recently divorced mother Julia, played by Julia Ormond, as she begins a relationship with and copywriter Benjamin, portrayed by actor Ben Barnes, pictured. Written by Marnie Dickens, whose previous credits include The Musketeers and Ripper Street, the drama asks a simple question: is Benjamin simply after Julia’s fortune, or are his intentions being wrongly perceived by members of Julia’s family, even by Julia herself?

Over the course of six tense episodes, the audience will learn more about Benjamin and have to make up their own minds… leading to an explosive final hour.

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Gold Digger Trailer: Ben Barnes & Julia Ormond Star in New Miniseries Jemima Rooper (Lost in Austen) as Della, Archie Renaux as Leo.

Expansive age gaps depicted on TV and film are nothing new. In fact, so often do we see older male characters dating women who could feasibly be their daughters, that audiences fail to even notice the chasm in years separating them. However, turn that norm on its head and portray an older woman dating a younger man and you’ve got yourself a talking point.

Or rather, a taboo. It’s the reason being dubbed a ‘Mrs Robinson’ is code for this situation, despite The Graduate being released over 50 years ago. The six-part series stars Julia Ormond as Julia, a year-old divorcee and mum of three, and Ben Barnes as Benjamin, an enigmatic man 25 years her junior who she embarks on a relationship with. The show, described by the BBC as a ‘domestic noir’ encourages viewers to evaluate the relationship, regarded by many an unusual, and in doing so challenge the way we’ve been conditioned to feel.

The series begins with Julia receiving divorce papers from her long-time husband and father of her three kids, Ted Alex Jennings and simultaneously meeting a handsome and interesting stranger Benjamin at a museum.

Alice Jemima – All The Boyfriends EP

Filming has kicked off in Devon and London for the six-part drama, which was written and created by Marnie Dickens Thirteen. It looks at how their unconventional relationship impacts her family as the secrets of their past are revealed and investigates whether Benjamin is really the gold digger that they think he is. Bow Of Season Four.

However, her big argument with Dan, coupled with an OTT personality and the whole ‘gold digger’ tag rendered her unsaveable from the.

There is something for everyone here, my friends. She is so good everywhere and brilliantly believable in this falls into conversation with Benjamin Ben Barnes during a visit to the British Museum after a planned 60th birthday celebration that all three of her children failed to attend. Her husband, Tom Alex Jennings , ran off with her best friend, Marsha Nikki Amuka-Bird , a while ago and she is altogether at a low ebb. She and Benjamin get chatting, he asks her to go for a drink, an affair begins that evolves into a relationship and, a year later, a wedding is being prepared.

What would you have done? Been secretly flattered, laughed it off, but gone about the rest of your day with a lighter step? Been instantly defensive and sent him away with a flea in his young ear? Or confidently accepted it as your due? Whatever the answer, you are unlikely not to be hooked for the rest of the series.

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Julia Ormond as Julia and Ben Barnes as Benjamin in ‘Gold Digger’ Only their sister, Della (Jemima Rooper), has a shred of sympathy.

The bookies called it — and to be honest that friend of yours who accidentally watched 15 minutes of BB the other night when they forgot that The Rock was on BBC3 called it as well. It was that obvious. Jemima Slade became the second housemate evicted from the Big Brother house last night and, like many others before her, she was met with a cacophony of derision and negativity from the devout BB crowd.

She tried her best to put on a brave face on in front of all the booing but it was plain to see she was upset and also a bit shocked about how badly she has been perceived by Joe Public. Jemima will be remembered for some redeeming qualities. She was a dab hand in the kitchen and was often a supporting and sympathetic housemate during her day stint in the house.

Time will tell. One could say the voters have been a bit harsh, with Jemima getting the least number of nominations five compared to Dexter ten and Gina eight when housemates first nominated last Sunday.

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