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Goatskin bag with iron frame, France, This bag was likely used by a merchant during the 16th century. It has two iron belt loops that would have enabled it to be worn at the waist for safekeeping. Within the body of the bag are some 18 separate compartments, presumably used to sort different currencies. Some of these pockets are concealed, and were probably intended to deter would-be thieves. Photo: Courtesy Tassenmuseum Amsterdam. Bamboo and wood handbag,

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These items are not for sale and the descriptions, images and prices are for reference purposes only. A late 19th century Continental. Sterling silver ladies mesh purse decorated with hand painted enamel and cameo. A vintage silver mesh purse , silver, hallmarked to inner mechanism, presented as a classic mesh style handbag fitted to a solid frame of engraved silver, suspended from a paperclip link chain.

George V sterling silver mesh purse marked Birmingham

Vintage Bags Bag (Chatelaine) Gorham Manufacturing Company Date: ca. purse embroidered with silver thread, Ottoman, century Vintage Purses, Vintage.

I hope that you are either experiencing this weather with me, or will be experiencing it in your area of the world very soon! The carpet bag not only represents a piece of vintage style history, but also a piece of United States history, too. Keep reading after the jump to not only learn how the carpet bag has held its place in US history, but for motivation to give one a place in your personal vintage collection, too!

I gave a shout out to carpet bags on Facebook page last week, and some of my most supportive vintage sellers let me know that they had a few in their shop to buy right this very instant! My personal fav? The true origin of the carpet bag rests in travel itself, all the more reason to channel my inner carpetbagger! What do you think of the carpet bag trend in vintage now? Let me know on Faceook , Twitter and Email! The carpet bag was not invented for style, bu rather for practical and necessary use during the s.

Imagine the United States years ago: We had declared independence from Great Britain and had already experienced a few decades of self-development and reign. Enter the carpet bag: Men [and their families!

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Handbags , purses, pocketbooks, modern conveniences? Not really. These useful items have served their owners for centuries.

Weaves A Story Vintage Tapestry Handbags & Purses Dating the tapestry purse can sometimes be a challenge for the novice. Many times, tapestry bags.

When it comes to vintage handbags, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that these bags are good looking, well-made of quality materials, and quite stylish. The bad news is that these valuable vintage hand bags—those dating back to the s through the s— were made for style and were not made for all of your stuff. When it comes to vintage handbags, pocketbooks, and purses, your handbag is only as good as its hardware. The hardware of any handbag is the structure or bones of the piece.

The hardware should be carefully considered for its quality and durability and for its good looks.


Lori Blaser may be reached at apassionforpurses yahoo. Blaser buys, and also sells purses from her collection. Bags, used to carry personal possessions, date back to the Ice Age. In , the body of a man who lived 5, years ago was found in the Tyrolean Alps.

Crocheting was enjoyed by young and old and many crocheted purses found today date back to this period in time (Ettinger 47). In , crochet and embroidery.

Purses have a rich and varied history dating to the medieval period. For centuries, bags used to carry personal items served as an essential part of daily life. Rather than remaining utilitarian, purses evolved into a sophisticated decorative art and fashion accessory. Early bags demonstrate the creativity and skills of their makers—from metal and leatherwork to weaving, embroidery, and knitting. Historically, both men and women wore purses attached to their belts or fabric bands that hung from the waist.

After inside pockets were introduced to male clothing at the end of the sixteenth century, men’s use of bags gradually declined. Purse styles became increasingly sophisticated during the seventeenth century, showcasing more complex shapes, embroideries, and trims.

Metal Mesh Purses

Purses have a rich and varied history dating to the medieval period. For centuries, bags used to carry personal items served as an essential part of daily life. Rather than remaining utilitarian, purses evolved into a sophisticated decorative art and fashion accessory.

Vintage Black Leather Doctor’s Medical Bag Antique Dr. Physician Satchel Heavy​. $ $ shipping. or Best Offer. Watch.

October 19, 0 Comments. I’m Linda and my daughter, Emily, and I have been collecting vintage Coach leather bags for a couple of years. Our knowledge has grown greatly with our collections. We did not realize how many bags that we collectively had until we shot the photo above. We had no idea! It didn’t seem like we bought that many But we did. We each have our favorites. We keep many and we also sell them. We upgrade our collections often and also buy bags that are duplicates of our favorites to offer for sale.

We usually restore, condition and clean our bags before we offer them for sale. I will straight up tell you that Emily spends more time and is more meticulous at restoration than I am.

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Beaded Purses. Rhinestone Handbags. Beaded purses have been hand made and in vogue for well over years.

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Create account. Bags are something more than a basic accessory. They are an expansion of your identity. Regardless of whether you wish to spruce up for an event or for the ends of the week, a classy bag is an essential piece of your look. Numerous ladies turn out to be very restless when selling their handbags. Where do you begin? What is the procedure?

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